Sunday, May 10, 2015


I actually wasn't going to start blogging straight away, but then I saw this in my Twitter feed thanks to Tim Stanley.

This post from Rebecca Roache at Practical Ethics, entitled "If you’re a Conservative, I’m not your friend" exemplifies the antithesis of what this blog is about.

The hope—expressed by some liberals—that political change can happen by keeping debate open is somewhat optimistic, and perhaps even deluded. We hand-wringing, bleeding-heart lefties need to change tack.

The frustration expressed is understandable, but the outcome of disengagement from people who vote Conservative is to increase the echo-chamber effect by ensuring they only hear the points of view of those they already agree with.

People do change their minds. I certainly have, on many things. But it takes shared understanding and empathy, starting from common ground and working from there. Confrontation and name-calling are counterproductive, and so is disengagement. If you want the outcome of the next election to be different, don't follow Rebecca Roache's example.

Update: Just now, a very relevant piece by Rupert Myers has been posted to the Guardian's Comment Is Free. Well worth a read.

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