Sunday, May 10, 2015

Starting Points

The broad aims of The Hand & Mouse are outlined simply: to promote liberal egalitarianism and democracy, and oppose greed, division and demonisation. 

My intention is for The Hand & Mouse to be a political blog with a difference. To that end, the policy for both contributors and commenters is no personal attacks. Attack ideas, positions and arguments, not people.

It's about constructive political debate, coming up with ways to educate people and change their minds. It's about doing what works, not what feels good at the time. No-one ever changed their mind on an issue, or the way they vote, because someone got in their face and called them stupid or evil.

It's not about being wishy-washy and not treading on any toes. Strong language isn't a problem. Arguments can, and will, be robust and rigorous without descending into ad hominems.

A word about freedom of speech

I'm sure at some point I'll post about freedom of speech, and then someone will call me a hypocrite for prohibiting personal attacks. So, I'll get my response in pre-emptively. The Hand & Mouse is my space, my club, and commenters are invited to contribute subject to following my rules. If you don't like those rules you're free to respond on your own blog, tweet about the post, make a video and put it on YouTube...

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