Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour mustn't let this opportunity slip away

Since my last post about the leadership race on Saturday, the surge of enthusiasm among Labour members and supporters for Jeremy Corbyn's candidacy has continued unabated. He now has 15 MP backers and needs 20 more to reach the leadership ballot.

That the Parliamentary Labour Party do what's necessary for Corbyn to participate in the debates is of tremendous importance for the party's future. It has the potential to really energise Labour activism, and bring to life what will otherwise be a thoroughly uninspiring election process.

As well as the now 15,000 people who have expressed their support on Facebook, all of the below activist groups and supporter organisations have communicated their support for Jeremy Corbyn since his announcement (updated 10 June):

Additionally, influential individuals (other than Labour MPs) who support Jeremy's inclusion on the ballot include:

Finally, and admittedly it's only an online straw poll, but 52% of respondents in the Daily Mirror selected Jeremy Corbyn as their preference for leader

The time in which the PLP can make the right decision is short! Nominations close on the 15th.

Labour mustn't let this huge opportunity slip through their hands. Please, MPs, nominate Jeremy Corbyn for the leadership ballot.

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